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The EU refuses to validate the British referendum due to non-conforming ballots to the norm of the EU

London – As the Brexit won in the referendum, the joy was short time for his supporters. Indeed, the European Commission said that due to non-compliance with European standards of ballots, the referendum will simply not valid.

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« He was missing a front newsletter and a double flap and protection at the sides to ensure that voters do not cut. » Other irregularities were noted by European Commissioners as a system allowing voters to put their ballots in an urn and a single count of votes. Furthermore, the EU recalls that it is not a ballot but that it was necessary to use the type of form A38 pass. « The tables used during the counting, all as pens and chairs on which sat the assessors are not up to standard, as well as food or even the direction of traffic, » commented another. The EU has also denied any responsibility in the referendum, saying the word responsibilities was not to EU standards.


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